• Without Running Water: 16 Tips For Coping

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    One of the worst things is not having running water for a good part of season. I never had really thought about it before but now I'm gladly take no electricity over no running water any day. Not only was it difficult to keep up with even the most basic household tasks, after a few days without a warm shower being stuck in the house together with the freezing cold wind blowing outside…things start to get a little crazy. And I don't know about you but my house gets into total ciaos when things don't get done, laundry starts piling up, dishes start piling up, and people start smelling a bit ripe…

    Every prepper worth their salt stores water and lots of it.  Not only that, they store one, two, three or more ways to purify water.  That is all well and good because you never know when a disaster or other disruptive event may occur and those water resources will be called upon for drinking, cleaning, hygiene, and sanitation purposes.

    Recently, my number came up and I was the one without water during a short term, personal water apocalypse.  Now really, that may be a bit dramatic because I was simply without running water.  This was caused by a break in the line from the water main at the street to my home.  All told, I was without running water for 12 days.

    To be honest, I was quite relaxed about the ordeal.  After all, I had cases of bottled water for drinking, a 55-gallon water barrel holding purified water, a source of …

    While most water services in the city are buried deep in the ground to protect against frost, some water service lines are installed at a shallow depth.

    If someone suspects their household pipes might be frozen, the city recommends hiring a licensed plumber to address the situation. The news release advised residents to use caution when attempting to thaw frozen pipes and never to use an open flame to heat up the pipes.

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