• Kyrgyzstan: GMO Free!

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    125856GAround the world GMO key players are struggling to embark there anchor and establish their products. In the US their product are being driven away by the people. The consumers have understood the harm that will fall on their families if they allow their crops, and other products in their home. There are over hundreds of thousands of protesters around the world that came out to wave their strong remark to abolish all GMO product in their respective country. In fact there are lots of cases filed against these GMO companies for the side effects that the consumer is getting from their products.
    In Europe there are countries who also supported the movement, the thing about genetically made organism is that they are not 100% safe, they were food or seeds that are made in the lab. Which means, they are driven by chemicals. These elements don not assure safety, in fact, there are lots of complain about the aside effect and the struggles of those who are affected to it. Finally after a long wait, one country has finally step up and declared; No to GMO, this means that all GMO crops and other products are already banned in this country.

    Kyrgyzstan has Wednesday become one of the first countries in the World to ban the cultivation of GM Crops alongside the import and sale of all GMO products, the news agency has announced.

    The Kyrgyz Members of Parliament approved the third reading of the bill ‘On the prohibition of cultivation, production, import and sale in Kyrgyzstan of products containing GMOs

    People should not stop fighting against GMO Companies and their products. They should not determine what’s right for us when it comes to food. Crops that are altered and made in the lab is not natural and so it is not fit for human consumption.

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