• Why Sleeping Should Not Be Associated With Electronic Gadgets

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    dbduwnwf0muehfxfl4f3Kids nowadays are no longer empowered by books, but their knowledge is fueled by information installed in their laptop, Psp, Tab, mp3 player and all sorts of computer base tools. Their appetite for learning is fed through this stuff, in fact young as two years old are already playing with different electronic devices and gadgets. These gadgets are not only use for learning, but mainly, they are tools for playing.
    This particular period is definitely defined as partly the “highest peak” technology has gone so far. Electronic elements have taken over our lives, they become part of us intensely, by this I meant their essentiality or value to us people is off the chart! Take this scenario for example; when you wake up in the morning you don’t start off the day washing your face or brushing your teeth, the moment you open your eyes, your mind is like hardwire to take your phone and check your e-mails or Facebook. This may sound funny but it has become a reality for some of us. There are studies that would suggest that the use of gadget before you sleep or while your are sleeping will develop a potential threat to your health.

    Light from Electronic Gadgets Interferes with Your Sleep
    The quality of your sleep has a lot to do with light, both outdoor and indoor lighting, because it serves as the major synchronizer of your master clock. This master clock is a group of cells in your brain called the suprachiasmatic nuclei (SCN).
    As a group, these nuclei synchronize to the light-dark cycle of your environment when light enters your eye. You also have other biological clocks throughout your body, and those clocks subsequently synchronize to your master clock.
    In the non-artificial light environment of our historical past, people experienced greater light exposure only during the day between when the sun rose and when it set. Now with the advent of the light bulb, artificial light, high-definition televisions, and any number of lighted electronic gadgets, we're exposed to a lot more light over a 24-hour period, and a lot less darkness.
    This creates a very …

    For some reason we can’t explain yet, these gadgets are like intensely hardwire in our mind. It is slowly occupying the natural system that our instinct had set. The writer is emphasizing the need for us to take back control over our lives. We are a being of free will, we should use this will to our advantage and let us not be controlled by technology. We control them.

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