• What Pomegranates are packed with?

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    Pomegranate is found was originated from Iran to the Himalayas in northern India, it is cultivated and adopted in the whole of Mediterranean region dating back thousand years ago. The fruit is very much common in India and some other parts of Southeast Asia. Throughout history this tree had landed in the US soil carried by the Spanish settlers, from there, the fruit was cultivated and in California and Arizona. If you notice they are best cultivate in a dry area but moderate conditions, Pomegranates prefer a mild-temperate to a semi-tropical climate and are naturally adapted to regions with cool winters and hot summers. A humid climate has a negative effects on the development of the fruit. It can be damage severely if the temperatures is below 12° F. Pomegranates should be planted affront where the sun is at the highest.

    But most importantly, what can we get from this fruit? Seems like most of the fruits we have on our table have contributed nutritious elements for our benefits, let’s try to know more about the nutritious facts that Pomegranates can offer?

    Pomegranates Are an Antioxidant-Rich Superfood

    The primary source of pomegranate's benefits come from its antioxidant content, particularly ellagitannin compounds like punicalagins and punicalins, which account for about half of the pomegranate's antioxidant ability. It's also an excellent source of the antioxidant vitamin C, with one pomegranate providing about 40 percent of the daily requirement for this vitamin.

    In fact, according to a 2008 study, which compared the potency of 10 different polyphenol-rich beverages, pomegranate juice scored top billing as the most healthful of them all.

    Its potency was found to be at least 20 percent greater than any of the other beverages tested, beating out Concord grape juice, acai, and blueberry juice —three well-known sources of potent antioxidants. It beat them primarily because it contains the most of every type of antioxidant.

    Pomegranates contain three types of antioxidant polyphenols, including tannins, anthocyanins, and ellagic acid, in significant amounts. Antioxidants are nature's way of providing …

    The pomegranate is one of the oldest cultivated fruit that was recorded back to 100BC, In Persia.Pomegranate is known as “miracle fruit”. It contains high levels of flavonoids which fights cancer. Not only that, a study shows that its juice reduced blood pressure, and prevent heart related diseased.

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