• What meditation does to your Brain

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    The mind is one of the most hardworking components in your functional body, it could wander around without you going around, it can produce different structure of plans, scenario, ideas and almost working non-stop, well, it doesn’t really stop; because when we are asleep, the other part of our brain is at work. Thou our mind is designed to work hard non-stop, this doesn’t mean that it is made to dodge exhaustion. Notice if when you overthink something, sometimes you wish it would stop working and rest, but you can’t control it, it just keeps running and when it’s exhausted the results are unpleasant.

    When our mind has reach the limits of its tolerance, it begins to wear out, giving us different moods (most of them are negative mood) they would affect our sleep during night, it could ruin our day in an instant if you don’t know how to calm your mind. The truth is; it’s not really easy to take command of your thoughts, putting it to rest -but this is actually achievable, as long as you have the mindset, discipline and program that you will be committed to follow.

    There are actually few considerable ways to calm your thoughts, some people turn to food as their way to comfort themselves, they find pleasure on what they it and this would relax them. But comfort foods are unhealthy (most of them) they are sweets like ice cream, chocolate etc. There is no perfect way to reconcile your mind and your body, however, meditation is found to be the most effective. There are studies how meditations change negative activities in the brain and promotes sound mind.

    Maybe you’re wondering meditation works, here are some of the reason why it is highly recommendable:

    Directive versus non-directive

    Different meditation techniques can actually be divided into two main groups. One type is concentrative meditation, where the meditating person focuses attention on his or her breathing or on specific thoughts, and in doing so, suppresses other thoughts.

    The other type may be called nondirective meditation, where the person who is meditating effortlessly focuses on his or her breathing or on a meditation sound, but beyond that the mind is allowed to wander as it pleases. Some modern meditation methods are of this nondirective kind.

    Wandering free

    For this study 14 people who had extensive experience with the non-directive Norwegian technique Acem meditation were assessed using an MRI machine. In addition to simple resting, they undertook two different mental meditation activities, nondirective meditation and a more concentrative meditation task.

    It was important to test people who were experienced in meditation because it meant fewer misunderstandings about what the subjects should actually be …

    People should consider healthy ways to promote mental health, it is really important to be mentally sound, what you think will reflect what you do, say, or live your life (Lifestyle). One could turn on food and used it as their comfort food, but these food can be harmful in our body, most comfort foods are sweets, loaded with stuff you don’t want in your body. Meditation on the other hand is a healthy choice, it doesn’t cost you much, its safe and it’s worth it.

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