• Ways to perfectly fight stress

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    stress-management-300x200Our instinct is sharp enough to recognize what is going on around us, in fact when we perceived something that would signal as threat –this will constitute a stressful activity in the mind of an individual. Threats come in many form, we have physical, social, and perhaps a financial threat. It is more challenging when we are stunned to these elements and let them swallowed us to reduce this unsecured felling, the writer is pointing out that we should have a sense of control over it, any given situation that would position someone in an unsecure ground would likely result to stress.
    Stress is your body’s natural respond to any kind of discomforts that life brings every day. It can affect you physically, mentally and emotionally and in fact it can affect any part of the body as you experience it. Your environment can serve as a factor also, as your body or your way of thinking can hardly adapt to your surroundings. Things that make you feel stressed are called “stressors.” These are the hassles you encountered every day, maybe a lifestyle change and a lot more. It would be best to identify these factors in your life to be able to manage them as they come.

    Some of the most effective methods for coping with stress are the most simple and easiest to apply and are available to all!
    1. Turn off your device
    This sounds so simple but there are so many distractions that keep people from venturing out into our natural habitat. There’s no doubt that modern technology has changed the way we think and the way we communicate with each other and has liberated people from old mind-sets. It’s been a power for good in the world but comes at a price and has a dark underbelly.
    The desire to stay “connected” distracts our minds from our place in the world and disconnects us from nature. Constantly checking social media, E-mail, shopping on-line, paying bills, work, playing games or just harmlessly browsing away…
    Researchers at the University of Gothenburg found that those who constantly use a computer or their mobile phone can develop stress, sleeping disorders and …

    Stress can hurt you really bad, it will affect every aspect of your life and drag you down until you become unproductive. You have to know how to manage them and best avoid them as much as you can.

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