• You’ll Never Guess How An Apple A Day Keeps Fat Away

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    The old adage about apples being good for overall health and thus keeping doctors away has recently taken on a more relevant meaning for bodybuilders. Korean scientists decided to do an experiment regarding whether the addition of apple pulp to a diet would have health-enhancing and lipolytic effects. The pulp was little bit less than 75 percent carbohydrate and 11 percent fibre (thus also making it a good pre-workout choice). Even though the rats in the study were eating their normal amount of calories in addition to the pulp, the apple pulp inhibited a body mass increase. Researchers attributed this to the fact that the rats excreted more fat in their feces as a result of the apple pulp, and they started to eat less. At the end of the experiment, the rats in the “apple pulp” group actually weighed the same as the rats in the “no dietary change” group.

    Scientists at Washington State University have concluded that nondigestible compounds in apples – specifically, Granny Smith apples – may help prevent disorders associated with obesity. The study, thought to be the first to assess these compounds in apple cultivars grown in the Pacific Northwest, appears in October's print edition of the journal Food Chemistry.
    “We know that, in general, apples are a good source of these nondigestible compounds but there are differences in varieties,” said food scientist Giuliana Noratto, the study's lead researcher. “Results from this study will help consumers to discriminate between apple varieties that can aid in the fight against obesity.”

    The tart green Granny Smith apples benefit the growth of friendly bacteria in the colon due to their high content of non-digestible compounds, including dietary fiber and polyphenols, and low content of available carbohydrates. Despite being subjected to chewing, stomach acid and digestive enzymes, these compounds remain intact when …

    If taken literally, the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” probably means that you will never fall ill if you consume an apple a day. While apples bring lots of health benefits, they cannot prevent all health problems from occurring. However, they can certainly reduce your visits to the doctor in the long run. It is a good idea to include a variety of fruits in your daily diet. Besides apples, you should also try to consume citrus fruits, tropical fruits and berries, which are known to be highly nutritional.

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