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    Oxygen is an enemy of food storage, which is why you need oxygen absorbers. Oxygen absorbers begin working within minutes of the package being opened. They loose effectiveness within six months of manufacturing. Why risk your valuable food storage by being cheap on your oxygen absorbers? Don't skimp! This article explains oxygen absorbers and how to use them effectively.

    No doubt oxygen absorbers are a prepper favorite; however, too many prepper
    articles advise re-using the silica gel packets enclosed with new merchandise. Never re-use oxygen absorbers or silica gel packets! The first reason is they are vastly different. Oxygen absorbers reduce oxygen and silica gel packets remove moisture. Also, silica gel packets included with shoes and other products were not created for stabilization during storage, but rather for moisture removal during manufacture. By the time you get the merchandise, the silica packet has long lost its effectiveness.

    When I first started getting serious about food storage, I found myself facing an entirely new vocabulary of food storage terms. It should come as no surprise that one of those terms was “Oxygen Absorber.”

    Now I am pretty sure that you have heard about oxygen absorbers. But do you know what they are and that they are a necessary component when sealing up dry goods for the long haul? Oxygen absorbers are a mystery to many, so today I will provide you with the basics – just enough to get you started on the road to storing your bulk foods for the long term.

    Learning about Long-Term Storage

    The very first item I purchased for my food storage pantry was a 25-pound sack of pinto beans. Of course back then, I thought I would simply store the big bag in the garage and let it sit there until I needed it – …

    Oxygen absorbers are made of a chemical compound. The active ingredient is a powdered iron oxide. Oxygen absorbers effectively reduce moisture and thereby inhibit growth of fungi or aerobic bacteria on food stuffs, which makes them extremely valuable for long term emergency preparedness food storage. Oxygen absorbers also quash the supply of oxygen to insects, which might otherwise live to munch on your food inventory.

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