• Vaccine Injection Sites: Women Laughing Alone

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    The route of administration is the path by which a vaccine (or drug) is brought into contact with the body. This is a critical factor for success of the immunization. A substance must be transported from the site of entry to the part of the body where its action is desired to take place. Using the body's transport mechanisms for this purpose, however, is not trivial.

    We took the picture above while walking into Kmart after doing a double take. How many droves of Christmas shoppers walked by and simply absorbed the impression that there's nothing more fun than inoculation?

    It reminded me of the humorous internet post called Women Laughing Alone with Salad which poked fun at all the stock photos that depict a woman. Alone. Eating salad. And usually laughing hysterically. I see no difference in absurdity when it comes to vaccine propaganda that litters our daily landscape.

    Notice the complete lack of humanity by strategically cropping the woman's eyes from the ads? People walking by will see a non-human figure and a smile above a bandage. Kmart, however isn't the only one trying to bring sexy back to vaccines.
    Walgreens is getting a lot of mileage from their Rosie the Riveter inspired ads. The …

    The only contraindication applicable to all vaccines is a history of a severe allergic reaction after a prior dose of vaccine or to a vaccine constituent. Precautions are not contraindications, but are events or conditions to be considered in determining if the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks. Precautions stated in product labelling can sometimes be inappropriately used as absolute contraindications, resulting in missed opportunities to vaccinate.

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