• Meditate In The Morning To Start Your Day Right

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    If you meditate in the morning, you will find that your meditation will be most fruitful. Before the sun rises, the earth-consciousness is not yet agitated. The world has not yet entered into its daily turmoil. Nature is calm and quiet and will help you meditate. When nature is fast asleep, the animal in us or our unillumined consciousness also sleeps. At that time we are still in the world of energizing and fulfilling dreams, from which reality can grow. That is why the awakened aspiring consciousness can get the most out of early morning meditation.

    Daily meditation works wonders for your health; studies show it can lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and ease stress. It can also improve memory and heighten awareness and compassion, according to a report in Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging. And you don’t need to spend a lot of time— or carve out any time during your busy day—to do it. Instead, make it part of your a.m. routine after hitting the snooze button.

    “Morning, as soon as you wake, is the best time to meditate,” says Victor Davich, author of 8 Minute Meditation (Perigee Trade) and 8 Minute Meditation for Stress Reduction (Simply8 Press). “It’s usually the quietest time of day, and also a time when your mind is just coming out of the dream state, which can leave you a little foggy and confused. Meditation is a great way to get clearer and can certainly start your day in a positive light.” And it can be accomplished …

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