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    Protection from the sun has been around for so long. As we all know the sun is getting hotter, our ozone layer is getting thinner and has holes. A lot of people now are looking for ways to protect them from the negative effect of exposiour from the sun. Licorice Extract has a long history of use as an anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory. Studies have shown it may be of benefit in skin lightening products as it contains liquiritin and isoliquertin, flavonoids containing glycosides which induce skin lightening by dispersing melanin pigment and enhancing more even pigment distribution. Using products that contain licorice root extract or powder will lighten the dark spots and brighten your normal skin.

    The skin is constantly challenged, and very often harmed, by environmental stressors such as UV radiation and chemicals.

    To cope with UV radiation, various skin cells have evolved a complex protective antioxidant defense system. These days we generally help the process along by using suncreams. The problem with many suncreams is that they are made from undesirable chemicals, some of which have been shown to be carcinogenic.

    “We found out that the antioxidant active Licochalcone A, which is the main component of the root extract of the plant Glycyrrhiza inflata (Chinese Licorice), is able to protect the skin from subsequent UV irradiation damage from within by strengthening the skin’s own defense systems.

    Working with the body

    Consequently, significantly less harmful free radicals were detected in Licochalone A treated human skin cells. In addition, they also conducted a study with healthy volunteers demonstrating that the application of a lotion containing Licochalcone A-rich root extract on …

    The coumarins in liquorice root offer anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, reducing redness and offering possible UV protection. The other flavonoids offer anti-oxidizing and anti-inflammatory benefits which can help decrease acne breakouts. The phytosterols can help with weather damaged skin, a reduction in inflammation, and help with repairing the skin's barrier protection.

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