• Dementia Patients Can Be Calm With The Help Of A Foot Massage

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    Foot massage is one vital form of releasing tension and relaxation to the body. Another basic foot massage benefit is that any time massage occurs on any body parts the area receives increased blood circulation. With better blood circulation the body can work better.

    Natural Health News — Agitation in elderly patients has traditionally been managed with medication or in some cases physical restraints; but a new study suggests that a 10-minute simple foot massage may be an effective way to deal with it.

    There is increasing interest in using complementary and alternative treatments to manage behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia such as agitation, aggression and depressed mood.

    In this small study which involved patients in five long-term care facilities in Brisbane, Australia,  researchers sought to compare the effect of foot massage (intervention) and quiet presence (control) on agitation and mood in people with dementia.

    In all 55 long-term care residents aged 74-103 years, with moderate to severe dementia and a history of agitated behaviour participated.  The patients were randomised to one of two groups: a 10-min foot massage or quiet presence (control), every weekday for 3 weeks.

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