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    Their are a lot of studies about the effects of vaccine, also a lot of information promulgated about vaccines really needs to be revisited for accuracy, transparency, and scientific facts. Whith this misleading informations it creats confusion and division between pro and anti vaccine groups.  Their should be Transparency to clear things regarding the effects of vaccines.

    What is biochemistry? According to the Medical Dictionary at The Free Dictionary by Farlex, it is

    1. The study of the chemical substances AND vital processes occurring in living organisms.
    2. The chemical composition of a particular living system or biological substance.

    That definition defines, in this writer’s opinion, only half of what the pharmaceutical-vaccine-medical paradigm not only considers, i.e., study of chemical substances, but apparently ignores: chemical physiological impacts that occur in living organisms, i.e., humans, and infants and toddlers, in particular.

    Healthcare consumers and the media, in particular, need to listen to the virtual debate video created by Richard P Milner, the executive director at Public Affairs Media, Inc., that pits Dr. Paul Offit, MD, Vaccine Inventor, Chief, Infectious Diseases, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, PA against Dr. Boyd Haley, PhD, Researcher, Emeritus Professor Chemistry/Biochemistry, University of Kentucky.

    Dr. Haley claims that “people like Dr. Offit have no training in toxicology at all.” That statement probably can be applied to most—if not all—medical doctors and healthcare professionals who, through pharmaceutical industry proselytization/sales reps and ‘contrived science publications to approve their products’, believe “hook-line-and-sinker” all the rhetoric about vaccine ‘safety’, ‘efficacy’, and interpreted biochemical baloney.

    Dr. Haley’s discussion of leaky membranes being created, and “leaky gut”, in particular, ought to be of particular interest to anyone who has allergies or an autoimmune disease, I think.

    Another Example

    To illustrate another area of ‘medical science’ that uses toxins, i.e., industrial waste, as a health enhancer for preventing dental cavities, readers probably will be interested in what a new study in the UK revealed about fluoride. However, what I find extremely interesting about this next story is that I heard about it from CBS radio newsman Jim Chenevey on KYW 1060 News Radio, Philadelphia.

    Quite honestly, I was a bit surprised at hearing the report, since the mainstream media is supposed to report the ‘controlled news and medical information’. It looks like some journalists are getting to see the light about the real science involved, i.e., that pharmaceutical-medical ‘fairytales’ may be nothing but a pack of scientific lies. So, I researched Mr. Chenevey’s brief report, and here’s what I found.

    But, that study was done in the United Kingdom—England—so fluoride acolytes in the USA probably will offer that the science in the UK does not apply to the USA. However, the pièce de résistance is this: humans around the global biologically function the same on biochemical level(s) as living organisms—in space there may be a little difference. One of the reasons for the international space program is to find any differences. So, biochemistry science on earth applies, not the hijacking pharma-medical, vested-interest-pseudoscience, monetary-political spin-masters’ interests!

    Between drinking fluoridated water; vaccines, plus other dangerous pharmaceuticals [see class action lawsuits ] prescribed for children and adults; genetically-modified and unlabeled ‘foods’ we are forced to eat; and chemtrails constantly sprayed overhead, how can the human body NOT keep from getting sick? Sick is good ‘inventory’ for all medical-related businesses!

    All the above seems almost like a conspiracy, as some probably would like to label it. However, we need to ask questions like, “What happened to the Second World War biological experiments trials that adjudicated no chemical testing on humans?” See this and this and this for a most interesting history of biochemical research and experimentation from 1833 to 1997.

    Therefore, I respectfully ask HHS/CDC/FDA to embargo the entire U.S. vaccination program until the real scientific facts are made public, and healthcare consumers are guaranteed actual safety with choice of participation, rather than pharmaceutical spin and media misinformation, which is rampant and at a fever pitch.

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