• Try Coconut Oil Instead And Avoid Toxic Sunscreen

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    Summer time is beach time, or at least poolside time. But if you want some protection form the sun’s UV rays, don’t always reach for toxic sunscreens. Instead, pack some extra virgin coconut oil along with your beach towel and umbrella. That’s right, the same extra virgin coconut oil found in your kitchen pantry will do the trick to protect your skin – minus the toxicity from health-compromising ingredients. Coconut oil has been used as an effective sunscreen for thousands of years by indigenous, pacific islanders. Why slather toxic chemicals on your body when you can use non toxic coconut oil instead?

    by Joe Martino

    This is no longer seen as alternative news or ‘conspiracy,’ not long ago what alternative health research has been saying for years is now admitted in the mainstream: most sunscreens on the market actually speed up your risk of skin cancer, as opposed to protecting you due to their ingredients. Although they can protect against sunburns, what is the health-related cost of using them? And are we getting the vitamin D from the sun that our bodies need if we use sunscreen?

    Can the sun really cause cancer? This is tough to say to be honest. In research found throughout medical journals there isn’t a clear answer for this. After all, in the 1930s rates of skin cancer were incredibly low and people were outside as much if not more than we are today. Yes rates of cancer have gone up 1800% in the past 30 years, but is …



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