• Tomato’s beneficial effect on Cardiovascular

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    hero_tomatoes_heldWhen you hear the word tomato, what goes into your mind is the word “Sauce” they are known to be the best source of different types of deeps sauce in a wide variety of food around the country. They are commonly known to have a high content of antioxidant. They are also rich and concentrated with lycopene. Researchers have found out what it can do concerning bone health this is based on an experiment they made when they removed lycopene from the diets of postmenopausal women for 4 long weeks, the result of lycopene restriction would have to be on bone health.
    A recent study made by some scientists –they suggests that a constant ingestion of lycopene for the longest time can strengthen and safeguard the heart from diseases. They were able to conclude base on their findings after thorough study of the data they gathered for more than a decade observing at dietary intake just to find out the effects of lycopene intake on the cardiovascular system. Thou the previous studies have produced different results concerning the relationship between lycopene and heart disease.

    The incidence of cardiovascular disease varies worldwide, but is notably reduced in southern Europe, where a ‘Mediterranean diet' consisting of a larger consumption of fruit, vegetables and olive oil predominates. Recent dietary studies suggest that this diet reduces the incidence of events related to the disease, including heart attack and stroke, in patients at high cardiovascular risk, or those who have previously had the disease.
    One component of the Mediterranean diet thought to play a role in reducing this risk is lycopene, a powerful antioxidant which is ten times more potent than vitamin E. Lycopene is found in tomatoes and other fruits, and its potency appears to be enhanced when it is consumed pureed, in ketchup or in the presence of olive oil. Whilst there is strong epidemiological evidence to support the role of lycopene in reducing cardiovascular risk, the mechanism by which it does so is unclear.
    In a study published …

    The Heart is the most vital part of body, equally important to the brain. That is why we should be mindful about its condition, heart attack could come when least expected, we should start eating food that could help us maintain our heart in good shape.

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