• High Risk Prostate Cancer Patients Prone to Disease with Vitamin D Deficiency

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    Living a healthy lifestyle is one of the most important goal (and it should be) of every person today. Certain types of diseases have manifested due to improper nutrition and unhealthy choices.

    Recent studies show that men having a high risk of prostate cancer are said to develop an aggressive form of disease if diagnosed with vitamin D Deficiency according to Natural Health News.

    This research study was conducted by the Northwestern Medicine and the University of Illinois at Chicago. Their target prospects were a mix of European-American and African-American men, whose ages were between 40 and 79 years old. The patients were undergoing an initial biopsy after abnormal prostate-specific antigen, otherwise known as PSA or digital rectal examination (DRE) test results. The researchers conducted several test to determine the levels of vitamin D in the men.

    In summary, the team found that the average 25-OH D levels of African-American men were much lower than that of European-American men, at 16.7 ng/ml and 19.3 ng/ml, respectively.

    So what does this mean?

    Lower levels, higher risk

    What’s more, according to the study in Clinical Cancer Research, the lower a man’s vitamin D levels, the higher their risk of prostate cancer.

    “These men, with severe vitamin D deficiency, had greater odds of advanced grade and advanced stage of tumours within or outside the prostate,” said Adam B. Murphy, M.D., lead author of the study.

    For example, European-American men and African-American men had 3.66 times and 4.89 times increased odds of having aggressive prostate cancer respectively and 2.42 times and 4.22 times increased odds of having tumour stage T2b or higher, respectively.

    African-American men with severe vitamin D deficiency also had 2.43 times increased odds of being diagnosed with prostate cancer.

    “Vitamin D deficiency is more common and severe in people with darker skin and it could be that this deficiency is a contributor to prostate cancer progression among African-Americans,” Murphy said. “Our findings imply that vitamin D deficiency …

    As a health-conscious person, I would recommend each individual, both young and old, to have a regular check up with your doctor or nutritionist. Try to assess what nutritional value needs are missing in your food intake. You might need to take some physical exercise to get the balance right. Being informed is always better than being uninformed. The more you are aware of your body needs, the more you have the chances of avoiding the high risks of developing those diseases. Start making right healthy choices by acting on them. Stop avoiding and procrastinating. Today, choose life and choose healthy living.

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