• The Union of Your Body and Mind towards Wellness

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    The Union of Your Body and Mind towards WellnessWhatever our mind has generated something, our body seems to follow its command, and both of their functions are amazingly well-coordinated when they do things together (when they are in agreement). The mind is kind off a master-mind so to speak, and the body represents its goons, funny right? But it makes really sense if you get what I’m talking about. These two should not compete, it is so important to balance them out as much as possible, especially they play a very vital role in your lifestyle, I mean there are times these two (Body and Mind) do not come in agreement. And this is where trouble comes to play. When your body demands its appetite to be granted but the mind says no and the war between these two sparks and you end up doing the things you don’t like, or vice versa, you’re doing the things you really like but your body opposes it.

    Scientists have long been studying the relationship of your body and you mind, and how they serve and functions to helping you spend your day right, positive mood, and good vibes and relax feeling. recent studies shows that regular exercise brings this two in harmony, when you think of working out you are only thinking of your body, but that’s a wrong perception, it’s the mind that directs your arms, legs in fact your whole body depends on it, exercise is definitely a mind work out as well.

    The newly published report I came across indicates that regular, long-term participation in aerobic exercise can prevent decreases in cognitive and physical function associated with aging. This study was based on the participation of 39 older adults who had an average age of 78. They were randomly assigned to a group who cycled every day for at least 15 minutes for a 15-month period or a control group who did no physical exercise.

    Before and after the 15-month period, all the participants were subjected to various tests that measured cognitive ability and psychomotor speed. The results indicated that those who participated in the exercise group had better scores relating to cognition and psychomotor speed contrasted to the control group, whose level of cognition generally had diminished during the study period.

    According to the author of this study, Dr. Seijo-Martinez, “We conclude that the practice of continuous long-term aerobic physical exercise seems to …

    Notice the people who are confused tend to do what their bodies don’t want to do, they always end up regretting everything they did. But it’s the opposite of those people with a sound mind and body, they tend to be very clear and firm through whatever they encounter in life. Therefore the unity of mind and body is needed.

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