• 8 Natural Treatment to Help Heal After a Hip Fracture

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    Hip fracture hurts like the world is most likely to end. Medicine can help relief the pain in the fracture but with natural remedies, it can heal and cure the fractured that happened in the body.

    by Dr. Richard Foxx
    A hip fracture is one of the more traumatic injuries a senior can suffer. For many, a hip fracture means a long stay in the hospital, followed by recovery in an assisted care facility. For a few, a hip fracture will mean the permanent loss of mobility and independence.

    Why is it so challenging for an older adult to recover from a hip fracture?

    Part of the reason is that the hip bone is large and plays a major role in any movement involving the lower body.

    Without the hip joints functioning at normal capacity, it’s impossible to lead a normal and active life. It is difficult to walk, to climb stairs, and to get up from a sitting position.

    Another issue that challenges seniors recovering from a hip fracture is that the whole process takes time. This lengthy recovery period can be …



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