• The need to grow our own food

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    backyard-GardenOver whelming studies from all over the world have suggested that organically grown food has more good stuff in it, by this I meant minerals and nutrients compare to food that are grown with synthetic pesticides. A good number of chefs are even promoting organic foods and used them preferably in their recipes. Organic farming cares not just on the crop and plants, but mainly on the condition of field. It even starts with the process of soil nourishment, which gives the farmers a bountiful harvest. Growing your own food could save you from high grocery bill.
    A recent study shows that the average child receives four times more exposure compare to adults if we talk about cancer-causing pesticides in food. The choice of food you allow your kids to make will an impact to your child’s future health. Growing your own crops would engage you to do exercise. With variety of plants you have already planted, you can use their seeds from one growing season to provide plants for the next – it is truly a self-sustaining cycle that will cost you less money and less time.

    If we're able to cut out the government, cut out the corporations, and then go consumer-direct cooperatives where we're growing our own food, supplying our own power … the more we can do that, the more we starve the beast. And at the same time we build community and we build local economy.
    This awareness documentary stars Vandana Shiva, Larry Santoyo, Erik Cutter, Karen and Colin Archipley, David King, Nick Bernabe, Howard Vlieger, Zen Honeycutt, Alicia Serratos, Monica Serratos, Aaron Flora, and many more. Still in production – coming soon.
    From the description page – Couldn't have said it any better!
    Feeding the world starts with understanding food production as an ecological system that includes all of humankind, all the animals, the rivers, the oceans, and the microbes — rather than an industry artificially cut-off from nature.
    The problem is the solution. The problem is the need for agribusiness to grow profits without regard …

    It is truly vital, for us to learn how to cultivate the ground and be benefited by what we planted in it. Before pesticides and synthetic method of growing food, there was hard work and plentiful harvest on a natural way of farming.

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