• The effects of Genetically Engineered Foods on Pigs

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    Finally, researchers have manage to ask questions about genetically engineered food that are fed to pigs. Pork meat in one of the most consumable meat in the market, and whenever there’s good demands, business minded people always love to meet them. Pork are sold in different ways but use for a common means, and that is –food. Because pork meat is always in demand especially in a non-Muslim country they are somewhat cultured to make them marketable, laboratories around the world are very much ambitious to engineered food that were designed to better food production and come up with healthier one. What better ways to do it? They tested it in animals. And when they are getting good results, they offer it in the market and in this case; what business men feed on their pigs are made of engineered food, as a result –a bigger and healthier products they sold to the market.

    It’s good to know how this food are being developed, by that I meant the intention of why such thing was created. So will see the results indeed through the livestock they slaughter and sell, they are huge, and truly marketable. But the question that we should ask; is this food safe? Are they telling us everything we know about the type of food they are feeding to the livestock?

    Why Industry Safety Assessments Rarely Reveal the Truth

    Most pigs raised in American piggeries are fed a GE diet these days; typically, a mixture of GE soy and corn. Howard Vlieger, who is the second co-author of the study, had noticed differences in pigs fed a GE diet compared to those given non-GE feed, and he was one of the primary instigators of the investigation. Dr. Carman explains what got them started:

    “The two main things he was seeing was an increase in intestinal problems in pigs fed GM feed, particularly an increase in stomach inflammation. He was also seeing things such as a thinning of intestinal walls, and hemorrhagic bowel disease, where a pig can… bleed out from its bowel within 15 or so minutes

    The other thing he was seeing was a reduced ability to conceive in the sows (female pigs) and higher rates of miscarriage in female pigs fed GM …

    The Genetic engineering method is driven by somewhat a good intention, however this products are unsure of how safe are they for human consumption. Although this method would give us the desirable traits we want to animals using a synthesized DNA (rDNA) technology. DNA is the chemical inside the nucleus of a cell that carries the genetic instructions for making living organisms.

    In January, 2009, the Food and Drug Administration finally set guideline concerning businesses and regulation for genetically engineered (GE) animals. Thou the guideline is intended for industry, FDA believes it may also help the consumer gain a better understanding of this matter.

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