• Is My Body Really Normal?

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    Why does our body grows out in a uneven shape? Is it really normal that it grows unevenly out that way? Don't be afraid, here are some reasons why:

    I have one breast that's much bigger than the other. Is that weird? Nope. Most women have slight differences in the shapes and sizes of their breasts (one nipple points north while the other points south, for example). It’s normal to have one breast larger than the other; sometimes, even by a cup size or two.

    As long as this size difference isn’t new, you’re OK. But if one breast has suddenly gotten bigger or feels different (thicker, fuller, or lumpy), you need to be checked out by your doc. A unilateral (one-sided) change could be a sign of a cyst or even a tumor.

    Are women with large breasts more likely to get breast cancer?

    Being well-endowed doesn’t up your chances of developing cancer. That said, being overweight does increase your risk of breast cancer. So if your curves are from your weight, you’re at a higher risk than a woman who is slim.

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