• The Controversy of Oil Pulling – One girls brave journey

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    If you are an active reader of this website then I am sure you are aware of Oil Pulling and all of the benefits of it. Oil Pulling is perfect for those of us who need an alternative to the dentist: maybe it is the cost or maybe it is your personal belief. However, Oil Pulling has been around for thousands of years and it has many benefits such as whiter teeth, reduced bacteria in the mouth (which means less cavities) and fresher breath.

    If you have not tried Oil Pulling and are a little apprehensive about it then watch this short video about a young girl and her 20-day successes and controversial failures with this interesting alternative to hygienic dentistry. In the video the girl shows you how to do it, what she liked, how it felt and if she will do it again.

    Juliana` Campbell

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