• GMOs Are Destroying Heirloom Seeds Varieties

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    The Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association and dozens of other plaintiffs against the Monsanto Corporation, she struck a blow against organic growers, small farmers and concerned citizens across the country. Once Monsanto discovers its patented GMOs in a field where the plants volunteered even without the farmer’s knowledge, its legal team goes to work. Monsanto was quick to react to the court victory with a press release.

    A report from Baker Creek Heirloom Rare Seed's catalog explains how the genetic engineering of crops is having real life consequences for business, as well as food security.

    Just from the perspective of a medium sized business, Baker Creek and its partners in the seed industry have lost literally hundreds of thousands of dollars as a result of GMO corn contamination.

    Baker Creek began testing their Heirloom corn varieties for GMO contamination, and found that more than 50% of their more than a dozen varieties were contaminated. Those varieties, most of which were hand passed down through countless generations, have now been lost – forever, unless a clean source is found and recovered.

    Meanwhile, Monsanto has been accused of suing farmers, often financially ruining small farmers, for infringing patent laws when non-GMO varieties become unintentionally cross-pollinated.

    Some crops, including genetically-modified sweet potatoes, have been designed to increase yields (though in the case of the sweet potato, local varieties were found to outperform the lab-developed potato). So-called “golden rice” was engineered to provide better nutrition to those who consume it. But like other genetically-modified crops, it’s created its own set of problems.

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