• Survival Tips For Elder Care

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    Accidental caregiving is a harsh reality for nearly 40 percent of Americans who find themselves caring for a sick or elderly relative or friend without warning. The demands on time, money, and energy for those thrust into this situation are daunting. Caregiving Without Regret Expert A. Michael Bloom today releases The Accidental Caregiver's Survival Guide to offer life saving tips to support caregivers everywhere at a time when the lives they save may very well be their own.When duty calls, the caregiver jumps right in to support the loved one in need without hesitation and puts other parts of their life on hold or on the back burner. Given the complex needs of their loved ones, caregivers often experience a decline in in their own health, increased stress, and risk for burnout and depression. Bloom's book offers practical support for family caregivers to provide high quality, sustainable care with confidence, determination, and balanced attention to their own needs

    If you’re looking after an elderly loved one, it can be really tough at times, especially if you have no experience with elder care and have your own life to work around too. Looking after yourself and keeping your sanity is really important to ensure not only that you are healthy, but also so that you can do the best job possible.

    Ensure your lifestyle is as healthy as possible
    Looking after yourself is imperative, as it’s no good looking after someone else’s health if it means your own will suffer! Ensure you get enough rest physically and even mentally, and optimise your diet so that you’re eating well and have a sufficient amount of energy and vitamins.

    Plan ahead
    Getting prepared and having a bit of an ‘action plan’ is a really good idea, so those hurdles you have to face don’t feel quite so big each time you come to them. Think …

    There isn’t any way to completely alleviate the stress of being with your loved one in the hospital.  We’re concerned for them.  Obviously, they are quite ill for them to be there.  Hospitals can be a life or death situation.  It’s natural to feel stressed out when they are there.  Being prepared ahead of time won’t cure the stress, but it won’t add more to it.  It might even give a feeling of having something in control in an out of our control situation.

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