• Sunlight The Ultimate Blood Pressure Medication?

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    Scottish researchers have found that when sunlight hits the skin, a compound is released in blood vessels that causes blood pressure to drop. Lower blood pressure may reduce risks for heart attacks and strokes, and even lead to a longer lifespan.

    Natural Health News — Exposing skin to sunlight may help to reduce blood pressure and thus cut the risk of heart attack and stroke, a new study suggests.

    Research carried out by British researchers at the Universities of Southampton and Edinburgh shows that sunlight alters levels of the small messenger molecule, nitric oxide (NO) in the skin and blood, reducing blood pressure.

    Martin Feelisch, Professor of Experimental Medicine and Integrative Biology at the University of Southampton, and lead investigator, comments: “NO along with its breakdown products, known to be abundant in skin, is involved in the regulation of blood pressure. When exposed to sunlight, small amounts of NO are transferred from the skin to the circulation, lowering blood vessel tone; as blood pressure drops, so does the risk of heart attack and stroke.”

    While limiting sunlight exposure is widely recommended to prevent skin cancer, the authors of the study suggest that minimising …

    It shouldn't come as a surprise that health advocates think too much sun can be a health hazard. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun has been tied to increased risk for basal and squamous cell skin cancers, and deadly melanoma. Sunburns and other skin damage can lead to premature aging, or skin growths called actinic keratoses, that can become cancer if untreated.


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