• Study: Orange Vegetables Provides Great Nutrients

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    Green has been the main stream of nutritional era that our society has been cultivated. Not anymore! According to a study, orange vegetables can also provide great potential nutrients to our body.

    Nutrient-dense they are. In a recent study published by the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, investigators looked at the relationship between cardiovascular disease and the colors of fruits and vegetables consumed. The question that the designers of the study were asking was whether the color of fruits and vegetables, which reflect the presence of bioactive compounds, can be associated with protection against cardiovascular disease. Their conclusion was that a high intake of all four color groups — green, orange, red and white — and especially red and orange fruits and vegetables may be protective against cardiovascular disease.

    There is a lot that researchers are still uncovering about the compounds in orange vegetables. We do know that the pigments reflect the presence of beta-carotene, and not surprisingly, all three of these vegetables are excellent sources of vitamin A. They are very good to excellent sources of vitamins C and …

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