• Stress Linked to Dementia

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    Depressed-woman_WEBThe most common complain we hear about most people is stress, little did we know about it is the role it plays in the  development of dementia. One researcher by the name of Jess Smith was able to take a clear look at a study about the impact of stress on people. There had been people that support the idea that its symptoms –actually started after they experience a long period of stress. But despite this observation, there is no specific study that could address how stress influences the development of dementia. There is however evidence that stress could trigger a bad effect like heart disease and multiple sclerosis. It is truly a challenge to know how stress could cause dementia this is based on many observations, this would give us a hint on how to manage and treat the illness. To take a deeper look on this, Alzheimer's Society were able to receive a funding in support for a study that will understand how people cope up with stress and its effect –a progression from a simple cognitive short comings to dementia. It is believed that those who have mild cognitive problem would likely experience less severe symptoms compare to those who already have dementia.

    The Effects of Stress on Memory Function and the Aging Brain
    As reported by the University of Iowa,5 where the featured research was done, elevated levels of cortisol affect your memory by causing a gradual loss of synapses in your prefrontal cortex.
    This is the brain region associated with short-term memory. Cortisol—a stress hormone—basically has a “corrosive” effect, over time wearing down the synapses responsible for memory storage and processing:
    “Short-term increases in cortisol are critical for survival. They promote coping and help us respond to life's challenges by making us more alert and able to think on our feet.
    But abnormally high or prolonged spikes in cortisol—like what happens when we are dealing with long-term stress—can lead to negative consequences that numerous bodies of research have shown to include digestion problems, anxiety, weight gain, and high blood pressure.”
    The researchers suggest that you may be able to protect your future memory function by normalizing …

    Stress could hurt you, physically, emotionally and mentally. Many of the researchers who were able to discover the linked of stress to many diseases still believed that there are many illnesses yet to be discover concerning the effect of stress, and Dementia is of no exception.

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