• Shiatsu massage, Gives you a Healthy Sleep

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    massage22Shiatsu is a light hand massage technique, pretty much the same with acupressure but not quite, it was first discovered and developed in Japan by using traditional acupuncture points which help to induce the flow of life energy and as restore balance in your body. This technique uses traditional element base on a Chinese medicine, these elements would reflect the relationship between the earth’s natural rhythms and the human body. As a result, this type of massage would create a relaxing effect and stimulates the blood and lymphatic flow. This Massage therapy will take away tension, aches and pains, it even clear your thoughts and alleviate anxiety, and it also promotes better sleep.
    People today are living in a world where everything is stressful, experiencing more stress is normal, but discovering the ancient art of massage is something to look forward to. It is said that no other stress reduction program would match up to the benefits provided through Shiatsu massage. Self-administered shiatsu is being studied to have linked as sleep treatment for patients with chronic pain. Researchers believed that this traditional Japanese massage is definitely a potential cure to help patients with chronic pain.

    Researchers at the University of Alberta have been studying the traditional Japanese massage practice as a means of breaking a familiar and vicious cycle whereby pain keeps a person awake, and loss of sleep increases sensitivity to pain.
    The research team’s findings were published in the Journal of Integrative Medicine.
    Finding results that work
    The pilot study was an attempt to explore low-cost, unintimidating alternatives to drugs to help people with chronic pain fall asleep, noting medication is seldom recommended for long-term use.
    Not only does sleep deprivation lower a person’s pain threshold, it also affects their health, from increased risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and traffic accidents. So finding a solution that works was crucial.
    For this study, occupational therapy and physical therapy students were taught the basic shiatsu techniques and in turn trained participants to give massage to themselves.
    For patients suffering from chronic pain due to low-back and other musculoskeletal injuries, the …

    Instead of turning to different types of stress or pain medication, why not try this massage technique? They are helpful to help you relax in a natural way. It rejuvenating effect could give you a true sense of healing.

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