• Statin Drug – Does it really help?

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    Statin Drug - Does it really helpIt is well known that the cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins can reduce the risk of heart attack among people who already have heart disease. But whether the medications can prevent a heart attack from occurring in the first place is still a hotly contested question among health experts.

    In the meantime, scientists working for major drug companies really understood the secret to all of this. They found that most of the cholesterol measured in the blood was actually made in the liver and not directly associated to food intake.

    They found an enzyme inside the liver that was necessary in the process of making LDL cholesterol and developed a drug to block this enzyme. They called this drug a statin drug, of which there are now several being used by millions of Americans to lower cholesterol.

    But hold on now…is this really necessary?

    Well, the research clearly indicated that avoiding foods containing cholesterol or saturated fat in general did not directly affect the rates of coronary artery disease after all. The science also told us that 70%–80% of adults admitted to hospital emergency wards with acute cardiac symptoms in the U.S. had normal blood cholesterol.

    Yet the hysteria regarding cholesterol continued to …

    This is a medication that patients may be on for life. I don't know about you, but that thought sends chills down my spine. We know all medications have pros and cons. Statins are no exception; they have been mired in controversy. For one thing, they have side effects. These include possibly increasing the risk of diabetes, myalgias (muscle pain), hepatic (liver) toxicity, kidney disorders and negatively affecting memory.
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