• Set Healthy Boundaries In Your Life

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    Most people are seeking to live a healthy lifestyle.  Notwithstanding, it is one thing to desire it and another thing to actually achieve it.  So how can we get on board a health journey and stay there?  Believe it or not, goal setting plays a crucial role in getting us from the start to the finish. You need to know what you are comfortable with in order to enforce your boundaries. You can spend time thinking about your identity, values, goals, desires and concerns so that you know what you are comfortable with.   You can learn skills such as assertive communication in order to state and enforce your boundaries.  You are continuously interacting with other people and situations that can test your comfort zone.  By honouring yourself and enforcing your boundaries you ensure that you are keeping yourself safe and healthy.

    You need to know your limits in personal relationships, work life, and with yourself, which is why setting healthy boundaries are so essential to a happy life. How much extra work can you commit to? How many hours a week can you spend with a needy friend? How much of your kid's homework will you do? How hard will you be on yourself? The importance of establishing these limits can’t be overstated.

    And yet, setting these boundaries isn’t a skill that comes easily to most of us. Our personal boundaries should be guidelines, based on our own belief system, which we use to identify appropriate behavior. This means, of course, that you need to understand your own needs and limits before anything else. Once you’ve established your non-negotiables, you can start working to implement these boundaries in your life. Follow this 5-step plan to get you on the road to healthy …

    Whatever our health goals are, we must be committed and steadfast.  Goal setting helps us to stay on the right course of action.  Without set goals we are apt to veer off the path and get lost on our journey to healthier living.  Feeling lost can lead to frustration and hopelessness.  Without the structure of goals it becomes easy to throw up our hands and give up.



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