• Sleep Myths Debunked!

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    There are so many myths surrounding what it takes to get a good night’s sleep. For whatever reason, sleep tends to get a bad rap. For one reason or another, people don’t think they need it, consider it a waste of time, or feel that it really isn't a top priority when they’re still younger.

    However, the truth is that sleep is very important and putting it off for a few hours one night to make up your lost shuteye another time doesn't actually work. Getting sufficient sleep is essential to human health, function, development, and performance. It is part of the “holy trinity of health,” which also includes nutrition and exercise. It plays a key role in a healthy existence, influencing your mood, weight, cognitive function, appearance, and so on. It is important to your overall existence—which means it’s also important that you learn the truth about some popular sleep myths….

    Myth #1: You Can Get Used to Sleeping Less

    This is a popular myth because, for the most part, it feels like you can. However, what you might be feeling isn’t an accurate perception of reality. The truth is that your body doesn’t actually adjust to getting less sleep. So let’s say you

    If you often have trouble falling asleep, you may have a sleep disorder. Talk with your doctor first. He or she may be able to figure out why you are having sleep problems and can suggest lifestyle changes that can help you.
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