• Protecting Your Heart Could also Protect You From Dementia

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    110165599Have you heard of vascular dementia? Well, the name sounded like some sort of a heart and mind disease summed up in one. It is said that this particular illness is cause by a progressive decline in memory and cognitive functioning as a result of the reduction or blockage in the flow of the blood to the brain. When the normal flow of the blood into the brain is cut short or interrupted, the brain cells will lack some vital elements such as oxygen and nutrients, tis will cause damage to the cortex of the brain— this is the area of the brain which are associated with learning, memory, and language.
    Currently, there is no known cure for vascular dementia, but there are preventive measures you can do to help prevent heart attack or strokes, to avoid cognitive loses, or at least slow its development. Vascular dementia is said to be the second most common form of dementia next to Alzheimer's disease. It is caused by problems in the supply of blood to the brain. Protecting your heart, or taking good care of it will allow you to avoid cognitive problem.

    Not too long ago, it was generally felt that the deterioration in brain function was genetic and an inevitable part of the aging process. Now, the situation is entirely different. There is mounting evidence that your brain can deteriorate much like your heart can, and in some cases, by the same types of mechanisms.
    Another question that I would like to ask you is this: have you ever heard what is good for your heart is good for your brain?
    Well, according to some new research, this indeed is the case.
    A new report has indicated that people who suffer from serious cardiovascular issues are more likely to experience some degree of cognitive decline than those who do not have cardiovascular issues. In this report, the findings indicated that in those people who had the worst cardiovascular health, almost five percent of them had some degree of cognitive decline compared to those who …

    Your brain is as equally important to your heart, save your heart from any diseases, by living a healthy life –the truth is, every single piece in your body is connected to one another. That is why you have to choose not to neglect one of them and strive to be healthy holistically.

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