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    Despite all the available help today, in the form of products, medications and support groups, many people fail to achieve their desired smoke-free life. So how can yoga help?

    Dr. Victor Marchione

    You want to quit smoking and you’ve tried everything, from gums to sprays, and all else has failed. But have you tried yoga?

    Long considered the domain of housewives and young professionals, yoga has taken on increasing popularity with athletes and now, it would appear that it benefits smokers looking to quit, too.

    If you decide you want to kick your smoking habit with yoga, you must find the inner strength to do so. Quitting smoking is difficult, but you have to have strong resolve and realize the toll that it is taking on your body, specifically your lungs. Think of how great it will feel to be rid of that “smoker’s cough” in the morning.

    Before you can quit smoking, you must realize why you started in the first place; it may have been peer pressure when you were a teenager, enjoyment of the activity, or a way to relieve …

    The negative withdrawal symptoms for someone quitting cigarettes are often incredibly difficult to cope with. An individual may feel extremely stressed and anxious, as their body cries out for nicotine during the first few days or weeks of quitting. Yoga is superb at decreasing both the stress and anxiety, whilst pulling oneself back into calm and collected state.

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