• Can Glutamine Decrease Symptoms of Diabetes?

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    Can Glutamine Decrease Symptoms of DiabetesDiabetes is becoming more common today, as cases of people with such illness are growing. Some people at risk of diabetes are adopting healthier lifestyle. Some who are diagnosed with diabetes find means to avoid complications, including taking supplements like Glutamine.

    Glutamine is an amino acid which is present in muscle tissues. It is a molecule that binds with other amino acids to make proteins.

    Glutamine has many important functions throughout the human body. It is the most abundant amino acid, accounting for 30% of the human amino acid pool. Glutamine is used in large quantities to make proteins, repair damaged tissue, provide a fuel source to various cells, maintain the gut immune system, and help cancer patients recover from their chemotherapy.

    Glutamine has also been used to help stabilize blood sugar and decrease the risk of developing diabetic neuropathy. Glutamine works to reduce blood sugar by helping stimulate a protein chemical secreted from the pancreas that can lower blood sugar by improving insulin release and sensitivity.

    Research team from Iran recruited adults suffering from type 2 diabetes. They were grouped into two, one group was provided with 30 grams of supplemental glutamine and other group with a placebo supplement, to be taken with each of their meals for six weeks.

    After the six-week trial, the group who had consumed the glutamine had less body fat, a smaller waist size, and less muscle mass loss compared to the group who consumed the placebo supplement. This indicated that the use of glutamine can have a very positive effect on the health of diabetics. It is widely understood that diabetics have much lower levels of glutamine in their bloodstream.

    The most important feature of the research is the effects that glutamine had on blood sugar levels and blood sugar regulation. Those who consumed the glutamine had lower average levels of fasting blood sugar and their levels of HbA1c (a measure of blood sugar regulation) were also more favorable to those of the place group.

    The question is, Is glutamine good for diabetes? It can and may prevent complications but its total benefit has not been extensively studied. Results and evidence of some research is not sufficient to recommend glutamine for regular use. Glutamine can be good with regards to the positive effect it has on certain medical conditions caused by diabetes. However, consulting your professional healthcare provider is still the most recommended and most helpful thing to do to fully be aware and have more information as to how glutamine can help you, especially if you have diabetes.

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