• Prescription Painkillers-a way to Heroin

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    man-with-needle-and-spoonPeople who are associated with hard issues in life tend to run away from them, some of them try to find their place in this world and look for a purpose in life, others turn to alcoholic beverages, addictive substances and a lot of things. There are cases however that an individual will get His/her addiction through prescribe medicine. Those who abuse opiate prescription painkillers heightened their risk of constitute heroin use, and later would develop into addiction. According to some reliable reports –although it should be prescribe by the Doctor, these painkillers are easy to get a hold of, thus prescription medications has changed the gameplay of heroin addiction. Prescriptive painkillers have become an introduction to heroin abuse. There are about millions of people around US who are using prescribe painkillers for some honest reasons but have resulted to addiction, they didn’t ask for it, but they’re experiencing it because of the prescribe medication.
    What usually happened is -when that prescriptive drugs run out, the person’s appetite for it could trigger to seek out heroin as a cheaper alternative instead of the regular medicine, there are also a huge chance that a former heroin addicts who take opiate painkillers may experience a strong desire for the said drug.

    Prescription Narcotics—A Driving Force in Rising Substance Abuse
    This connection finally received some media attention following the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman,4 a 46-year-old Oscar-winning actor. He died from heroin overdose on February 2. Last year, Hoffman entered rehab when addiction to prescription painkillers led him to switch to heroin.
    US Attorney General Eric Holder recently announced his office is taking steps to address the problem head-on. This effort includes5 but is not limited to tracking drug overdose trends, educating health care professionals and the public about prescription drug abuse, and promoting programs shown to prevent such abuse.

    The federal government will also require manufacturers of extended-release and long-acting opioids to provide prescribers with educational programs explaining the risks and benefits of opioid therapy, and how to select appropriate candidates for such therapy. Also, as reported by Reuters:6
    “As part of that campaign, Holder reiterated the Obama administration's call for more law enforcement agencies …

    It is so important for us to know the medicines that we are taking inside our system. And how they are being process, this is to insure the safety of the consumer.

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