• GMO Labeling: Oregon To Vote

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    Backers of the ballot initiative to require companies to label genetically engineered food met with members of The Oregonian Editorial Board this week to explain their proposal. It was approved for the November ballot on July 23.

    Earlier this year, two Oregon cities voted at the ordinance level to ban GMO cultivation.

    This November, Oregon state residents will have the ability to vote on whether they want genetically modified foods labeled – or not.

    There has been an outpouring of interest among Oregonians to vote “Yea” on GMO labeling as evidenced by the petition to get the issue on the ballot.

    Signatures needed to put Initiative 44 on the ballot had to number at least 87,213. Oregon Right to Know collected 31,500 above the needed amount, totaling 118,780, as certified by the Secretary of State's Office recently.

    Sandeep Kaushik of Oregon Right to Know said:

    In only six weeks, we were able to collect more than 31,500 signatures more than the number needed to qualify – That is a powerful indication that Oregonians understand that protecting the profits of chemical conglomerates and agribusiness giants should not take precedence over the public's right to know what is in the food they eat and feed their families.

    Beyond these measures, groups such as GMO Free Oregon are continuing to work hard to keep this issue at the forefront of constituent minds.  GMO Free Oregon is a group of volunteers working to pass legislation addressing growing concerns with genetically modified organisms.  They are currently working to file legislation regarding a statewide Right to Know GMO initiative.

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