• Survival And Preparedness: 16 Important Rules

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    There are countless survival preparedness items (preps) that you can store ahead of time (before potential disaster) for use during and after the emergency, disaster, or a SHTF collapse.

    This list of 55 preparedness items (or categories) purposely avoids some of the preps that you might expect to see and is not intended to be a list of essentials or to be all-inclusive in any way. In fact, the list is intended to get you thinking ‘outside-the-box’ about your own needs for preps – to think of things beyond that of just rice-and-beans, bullets and band-aids.

    Having a survival mindset means you are always ready to take on new challenges, right?

    Although I fully believe that new challenges are a good thing, it is sometimes downright frustrating to recognize that prep as we do, we are never really ready.

    Part of the disconnect from being totally prepared is having the knowledge that we will never be able to prepare for everything.  As recently as four years ago, we were preparing for the end of the world as we know it and a global economic collapse.  And now?  The flavor of the month is a pandemic, a cyber attack, and the potential for another world war.

    As preppers, this leads us down a path of indecision.  Do we continue to add to our preps, focusing on the worst that can happen or do we soldier along, preparing for the more likely nuances of Mother Nature?

    16 Important Rules of Survival …

    When doing your own list, one way to think about it is by categories. That’s mostly how I do it. For example, think of a general area such as ‘kitchen’ and then list priorities in that category. Other general categories included shelter, clothing, food and water, tools, sanitation, security, transportation, etc… think ‘categories’ and then narrow it down within each category. If you are just starting – then start with food and water!

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