• Poor Diet could result to Premature Birth?

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    Poor Diet could result to Premature BirthHow do women prepare for pregnancy? Most of them don’t really mind much about diet before getting pregnant, it is during pregnancy that women become conscious about their health, mainly for the health of the baby inside the womb. Thou they have different ways of preparations on pregnancy stage, it will always go back to the very reason why they are maintaining good health and that is -for safe delivery and the infant’s well-being –normal in all aspect.

    Some pregnant women would focus more on food, choosing what food to eat is vital to every stage of pregnancy. Others spend their time exercising which also advisable, but their movement should be limited and moderate depending on the stage of pregnancy. Now, it is so important to visit your doctor regularly. This will check and insure the baby’s condition inside the mother’s womb.

    the reason why we are discussing the do’s and don’ts of pregnancy is to avoid the things that would make pregnancy hard for the mother, thou the things that need to be done during pregnancy stage are readily available to pretty much everywhere, you can ask help on your pediatrician, or you can go online download reliable information that would help you go through the process. The truth is; there are things you need to watch out if you’re pregnant. Especially on your diet, not just during and after pregnancy, but more importantly before you get pregnant. Research shows that it is vital for woman to be healthy before she gets pregnant, otherwise premature birth is very likely.

    Researchers at the University of Adelaide's Robinson Research Institute investigated the dietary patterns of more than 300 South Australian women to better understand their eating habits before pregnancy.

    It's the first study of its kind to assess women's diet prior to conception and its association with outcomes at birth.

    The results, published in The Journal of Nutrition, show that women who consistently ate a diet high in protein and fruit prior to becoming pregnant were less likely to have a preterm birth, while those who consistently ate high fat and sugar foods and takeaway were about 50% more likely to have a preterm birth.

    “Preterm birth is a leading cause of infant disease and death and occurs in approximately one in 10 pregnancies globally. Anything we can do to better understand the conditions that lead to preterm birth will be important in helping to improve survival and long-term health outcomes for children,” says …

    There are ways to avoid giving birth prematurely, but the most important of them is your diet. Thou this will not entirely determine the condition of your baby inside your womb, but it plays an important role to prepare your body to conceive a child.

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