• 9 Ways To Get Rid With Flu

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    Flu can be dangerous if not treated. Here are 9 ways to get rid of the flu.

    Whether you should starve a cold or feed a fever doesn't seem to matter when you're not feeling well. At that time, you'd give anything to regain control over those simple functions we take for granted, like breathing and swallowing. Although the pharmacy shelves are lined with products that promise to make you feel better as fast as you can swallow them, a more economical and longer-lasting approach might be trying more natural methods that can help keep you feeling your best throughout any season.

    Here are some strategies I hope will be contagious to those surrounding you:

    1. Getting enough hours of sleep at night is a great way to super-charge your immune system, and it will help keep your energy up all day. If you haven't tried it in a while, unplug your devices early tonight and shoot for eight straight hours of shut-eye. It could work wonders.

    2. Try to eat a healthy, balanced diet …



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