• Big Biotech Undermines EU Ruling on GMO products

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    When the people speak, the government listens, this is what happen to Monsanto, a biotech company that was given limited opportunity to distribute their products in the market, when everyone in the community march on to express their anguish over GMO products, the court favored the people and halted most of Monsanto’s business in the area, especially on crops. the government is actually powerful enough to determine what’s best for the people, what product is safe for their consumption, but despite this, the commotion started within the people who are directly affected by GMO products, this means that –government agencies cannot guarantee the safety of the people which is why the upraise should start from us.

    The people is the government, and the government is the people, a phrase that would remind everyone of our individual responsibility. After EU governments forcefully discourages the use of all GMO product, Biotech businesses began to shake and was threaten by the growing number of people protesting against their product. The interest of the people seem to be secured for now and will strive until GMO are totally banned. However a joint protest by giant Biotech Companies is underway to overturn the government’s decision on supporting the people in the abolishment of all GMO products in all the land (EU) they seek to undermine the government and form a so called “corporate tribunal” will the government concede on such threat of power? If the citizens say no, it definitely a no! And no corporate giants can bend that.

    A corporatocracy didn't just occur out the blue, however. It's potentially being handed to biotech by the European Environmental Ministers with a law that sounds like a national ban (but actually isn't.)

    The new “proposal gives biotech companies the power to decide whether a national ban is permitted or not.” Gee, which way will biotech decide?

    If biotech decides not, EU member states must submit a formal argument to companies like Monsanto and Syngenta with reasons why they want a crop ban. Will their arguments hold up in court? Basically, biotech gets significant legal say in the future decisions of the nationregarding GMOs. In that sense, it seems to place biotech corporations above European government and certainly above the individual member states and their people.

    Discussion for the proposal takes place May 28th. For more information, Stop the Crop is referring people to Friends of the Earth Europe's short document entitled: “A poisoned …

    The government should rule out concerning this issue, the mandate of the people should be protected, how can a corporate menace direct or control the government? This doesn’t make any sense, the writer is just trying to point out that, the reason why we are having this argument with biotech companies –is because their genetically engineered products are hurting the people, and for that they should be worry about the consumers, but the opposite is happening, Biotech companies are fighting back so that they can poisoned the people again with their unsafe products.

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