• Pelvic Exercises May Help Improve Your Sex Life

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    Pelvic exercises can benefit men with chronicpremature ejaculation, according to a new study.

    Premature ejaculation — defined as occurring within one minute — affects many men at some point in their lives. Although different treatments exist, some men don't respond to any of them.

    This study included 40 men, aged 19 to 46, with lifelong premature ejaculation who had tried different treatments — including creams,antidepressants and behavioral therapy — without success. They were trained to exercisetheir pelvic floor muscles and did this for 12 weeks.

    At the start of the study, the men's average time to ejaculation was about 32 seconds. That improved to almost 2.5 minutes — a more than fourfold increase — by the end of the three-month pelvic exercise program.

    Only five men in the study had no significant improvement, according to the findings that were to be presented Sunday at the European Congress of Urology in Stockholm.

    “This is a small study, so …

    For women, as well as helping improve symptoms of urinary incontinence, strong pelvic floor muscles can also mean increased sensitivity during sex and stronger orgasms. Pelvic floor exercises can also benefit men with problems such as erectile dysfunction(difficulty getting or keeping an erection) and urinary incontinence.



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