• Organic and GMO products –The battle of Wits

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    organicvsconvConsumers are pretty much trap in the middle of this never ending debate to whether both products are good or not. GMO is clearly capitalizing on chemicals that would help their product achieve its potential purpose –giving the consumer the edge to ingest or used products that are made solely to surpass the natural state of ur yielding environment, they believe that they can incorporate a particular traits right into a fruit, crops etc. through genetic methods without harming them and the people who eats them.
    Organic products on the other end are believe to be healthier than that of GMO, this because they are cultured on a natural methods. These products are actually not expose to chemicals, not the extreme methods of GMO but rather it’s a regular substance enough to protect the crops from pest. Now, people behind these advocacies are helped by independent researchers and scientist who have been trying to find out the side effects of GMO products, for years they were able to come up with a decent study that will prove the harmful effect of such genetic made products.

    For brevity's sake I'll refer you to two articles that go deeper into his background – here and here.
    The bulk of his career is not in science, genetics (although he writes about it), food or medicine. Yet, he is often present as the voice of science and reason. Taken in whole, it's in media and public relations, although he will adamantly deny that and any deep connection with Monsanto and chemical industries.
    Tom Philpott writes:
    Entine also runs a consultancy, ESG MediaMetrics. The firm's homepage lists Monsanto as a “select client.” Among its “core services,” it lists “Media strategy, writing, speechwriting, and engagement with critics.” Describing its media services, it declares, “We manage and create reputations. We bring to every challenge our vast experience as active journalists, public relations and media specialists, international scholars, and advisers for Fortune 500 corporations.”
    In other words, he has the expertise to throw wrenches or tomatoes, and …

    The continued battle between this two camps should be a sign that both side are actually trying to work out unknowing to discover whatever is best for the consumers, they are exposing their own dirt and this will continue until one of them will go down, depending on what the consumers have to say about them.

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