• QiGong – The Secret Of Youth

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    Qigong is an ancient Chinese system of exercise and meditation that makes the mind and spirit tranquil, improves performance in sports, and cultivates health, well-being, and long life. Thus, there are three major kinds of qigong: spiritual, sports, and healing. It is a spiritual discipline, inspired by ancient Chinese shamans, Taoists, and Buddhists, all of who sought harmony and peace in the solitude of nature.

    It is very important to keep the qi or internal energy circulating smoothly in your body. Many different kinds of qigong exercises have been created to achieve this, but they can generally be categorized into five groups according to the main purpose of the training:

    1. Maintaining Health

    The main purpose of the qigong styles in this category is to first gain mental and spiritual calmness, peace, and balance. With this mental balance, you can then engage in moving exercises that maintain the smoothness and balance of the qi circulation. This category uses both still meditation and moving meditative exercises.

    It is believed that many illnesses are caused by mental and emotional excesses. These emotions use up qi and cause stagnation in the channels and organ systems, which causes you to get sick. For example, depression can cause stomach ulcers and indigestion. Anger will cause the liver to malfunction. Sadness will cause compression and tightness …

    The qigong techniques in the Energy Arts Qigong Exercise Program work to strengthen and balance all the internal organs. There are also other techniques to strengthen speci?c organs: to help the liver recover from hepatitis, for instance, or the lungs from tuberculosis, or the heart from a heart attack. Even without having had a serious illness, almost everyone is born with a weakness in one organ or another, and chi gung has precise exercises to address an individual's speci?c problems.



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