• Obesity –How it Has Gotten Worse!

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    fat-tummyFor many years now, obesity rates have sky rocketed to reach an alarming point in the US, some studies are focusing on an individuals' genetic inheritance concerning one’s weight. However, between 1980 and 2000, the number of Americans who became obese has doubled – this is something that genetic point of view is far responsible to take part of. Why do you think people eat more than they need? If we base it on an honest answer, it is because American people can afford to buy whatever food they want to eat. Anywhere, at work, home and at any restaurants.
    On a survey in 1966, a regular American family would spent 31 per cent of its food budget eating from their home –but in 2011, it rose up to 49 percent. This is because restaurant meals are usually packed with calories more than what we cook at home, people who usually go out for a meal would likely have higher rates of obesity than those who rarely eat outside their home. To add up the problem, many of the food industries have developed tons of products having more calories per bite. We should blame these business practices, which trigger obesity rather than blaming our genes as a lone responsible for obesity in the country.

    According to Dr. K. Casazza, the co-author of this report, “It’s vitally important to label these myths for what they are to prevent a misallocation of the resources available to address obesity, which is a serious public health problem.”
    I could not agree more with this assertion that commonly held misconceptions regarding the most serious health issue in the U.S. need to be properly dealt with and understood. As a professional healthcare provider myself, I find it difficult to imagine that anyone practicing health care could also think of this disease in such an outdated manner.
    Here are some of the nine myths published in this report.
    1. The faster you lose your weight, the more weight you will regain later.
    This myth is established because of the set-point theory of body fat accumulation and the history of yo-yo dieting. However, there has never been any concrete evidence that this actually happens. I have …

    The government is actually on its way to making solutions concerning obesity problem. However, we need to address this problem not only on the corporate side or on big companies making these obesity-causing food we eat regularly, but also, we need to discipline our self-concerning the amount of food we are ingesting every day.

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