• Myths: DTaP Vaccine

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    Families with new babies who query vaccinations are told the safe and effective of vaccines, the truth is that they are only told half the story of the reality of what vaccine can do.

    Part one of the paperwork, titled Infections Are the Enemy, Not Vaccines, was written by Karen Lewis, MD, the Medical Director of the Arizona Immunization Program Office for the Arizona Department of Health Services and published by the magazine Immunications. She wrote:

    My first exposure to antivaccine fervor was during my pediatric infectious disease fellowship at UCLA. At that time, whooping cough vaccine was being blamed for encephalopathy, mental retardation, and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). In Japan there was a period where parents lost confidence in the pertussis vaccines (Whooping Cough), and stopped immunizing their children. The result of not vaccinating was that scores of infants died yearly from pertussis in Japan before new acellular pertussis vaccines won acceptance.

    Inaccuracies Ironed Out

    Let us first examine the DTP (diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis) vaccine. The DTP was first introduced to the vaccine schedules during the 1930s and was problematic from the onset, as …


    We are Continually being lied to by medical profession, the media,pharmaceutical industry and world governments. This needs to stop.

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