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    DeadlyToxinsFluoridation quite started to do well in our water system, but as time goes by, issues after issues are piling up and led to studying the elements involve. Fluoride is widely known to affect mineralizing tissues, however, its harmful effects in our brain have not been notice seriously. Fluoride exposures caused a dosed of behavioral deficits with perceived common pattern, the severity of the effect on behavior suggested that it has something to do with the levels of plasma fluoride and fluoride concentrations in specific brain area. The debate concerning fluoride is now going on all over US, and fast, there are more Americans coming out and get curious about the health risks of water fluoridation.
    Americans are now determine to use their votes to keep this highly toxic fertilizer-industry by product away from their water system. This is how it works; the fluoride is added to a community water supplies mixed with toxic byproduct from the fertilizer industry, this is based on facts but are rarely discuss among the officials. Dallas is included among the latest US cities to consider whether or not to renew a three-year. On a positive note, City officials across the country are giving their residents a choice when it comes to fluoridated drinking water.

    Fluoride Has Nothing to Do with the Underlying Causes of Tooth Decay
    Dental caries are caused by demineralization of your teeth (enamel and dentin) by the acids formed during the bacterial fermentation of dietary sugars. Demineralization is countered by the deposit of minerals from your saliva, or remineralization, which is a slow process. Enthusiasts report that fluoride prevents dental caries by enhancing mineralization. However, dental caries are not caused by a lack of fluoride, just as depression is not caused by a lack of Prozac. Some of the true primary causes of tooth decay cited in the literature include:
    Consistent use of refined sugar, sugary soft drinks, and processed foods in general
    Children going to bed with a bottle of sweetened drink in their mouth, or sucking at will from such a bottle during the day
    Poor dental hygiene and poor access to and utilization of dental health services, usually related to socioeconomic status
    Mineral …

    It’s really about time to put an end to this toxicities, we can’t risk the health of our kids and everybody I the community. Fluoridation is definitely not helping at all.

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