• Napping Revolution

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    Napping has long been a subject of much curiosity and debate. Individuals who do not sleep enough or have intrinsic problems with their sleep like sleep apnea can often use napping to make up for the quality rest that they are missing.

    A new surge in sleep science suggests that 10 minutes of midday shut-eye could be the ultimate wellness-booster.

    It's a fact of life: Nonstop work e-mail chains, after-dark texts, and full-DVR temptation are cutting ever deeper into the late-night hours previously earmarked for sleep. And according to the National Sleep Foundation, women are hardest hit, reporting higher incidences of nighttime wake-ups and daytime drowsiness than their male counterparts. Now, scientists have convincing evidence that naps — those peaceful interludes once reserved for sick days or vacations — are a must-try modern-day solution to our perpetual sleep shortage. “Naps aren't a substitute for nighttime sleep, but they offer a great ‘energy-rejuvenation break,'” says Nancy Rothstein, a Chicago sleep consultant whose adopted moniker is “The Sleep Ambassador” and who helps companies maximize employee productivity; she even created a New York University online course on sleep wellness, which debuted in February. Jennifer Martin, Ph.D., …



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