• Monsanto’s Pull out –A Major Set-Back?

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    gm-crops-uk-eu-lobbyA shocking news and a major setback to the developing British GM industry which various project have been spearheading and structuring the growth of GM crops in responds to the issue of food security. Monsanto, one of the biggest key players in GMO industry has confirmed that they are pulling back all of their EU applications for the company’s new batch of crops. This move will affect 10 of their applications for approval for new GM crops and will be canceled. The predicament was that; Monsanto gives up on all their applications for new crops and their aggregation regarding the delays over clearing existing crops. However this does not bother to get a clearance for an existing crop grown from GM seeds in Spain and Portugal. Apparently, Monsanto is widely selling its product (biotech seed product) in Europe — this biotech corn is genetically engineered to fight off the destructive pest called the European corn borer.

    Amongst others, the withdrawals were for two glyphosate-tolerant seeds marketed by Monsanto, soybean 40-3-2 (Roundup Ready soybean) and maize line NK603 (a variety made infamous by the Seralini 2012 study which was re-published last week).
    This information has emerged from the minutes of a meeting of the “Standing Committee on genetically modified food and feed” (SCFCAH). In this committee, representatives of EU member states meet to vote on applications for market authorisation of genetically engineered crops.
    After these two withdrawals, there is only one Monsanto application for the cultivation of a transgenic plant left. This application is for the renewal of the maize MON 810 authorisation. MON 810 produces an insecticidal protein.
    In addition, the register of the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) shows that DuPont/Pioneer, another US company, has recently withdrawn two applications for the cultivation of genetically engineered maize lines 1507 x NK603 and 59122 x 1507 x NK603.
    In 2013, Monsanto …

    The truth is, this set back would not affect much the determination of Monsanto to dominate in the arena with the agenda it carries otherwise, they would not be extending all throughout the whole of EU.

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