• Mediterranean diet –Ideal for keeping you from gaining weight

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    imagesThe secret of Mediterranean cuisines varies on the different regions, they are commonly known to have been using healthy edibles such as fruits, beans, whole grains, vegetables, olive oil and variety of fishes. This is a kind of diet that knows no contribution to any negative effect concerning any form of diet. In fact it has been highly recommendable for having a good traits giving a better quality in life and health, keeping your heart in good shape, and would give you the edge to manage your weight. The more you have this kind of diet the more you will see its effect, following it on very meal is not really necessary, you just need to have it every day but not every meal. Balance diet is still the key to managing your weight.
    When it comes to the usual Western diet their cuisine are known to have a high animal fats and loaded with food preservatives, they also have a low in fruit and vegetables intake. These types of food are proven scientifically to be responsible for many chronic diseases. Many Research has concrete back up concerning the effectiveness of the Mediterranean diet to alleviate conditions such as heart disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes.

    The researchers used data from the IDEFICS study (Identification and Prevention of Dietary – and lifestyle – induced health effects in Children and infantS), funded by the European Commission. Weight, height, waist circumference, and percent body fat mass were measured in children from these eight countries.
    Vegetables, fruit, nuts and fish
    The parents of these children were interviewed by means of a questionnaire specifically designed for the IDEFICS study and enquiring about the consumption frequency of 43 foods. Additional dietary data have been complemented by a telephone interview performed on a sub-sample of parents.
    The adherence to a Mediterranean-like diet was assessed by a score calculating by giving one point for high intakes of each food group which was considered typical of the Mediterranean diet (vegetables, fruit and nuts, fish and cereal grains), as well as one point for low intakes of foods untypical of the Mediterranean diet (such as dairy and meat …

    The Mediterranean type of diet focus more vegetables and fruits and a fewer meats, it is also associated with carbohydrates and more plant-based foods and monounsaturated fat than a usual western diet. Many people who live in many countries in EU and in the Mediterranean region have eaten this way for centuries now until this very day.

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