• Industrial Chemicals on Reproductive Health

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    Industrial chemicals are so common and are readily process every minute around the world even right now as you’re reading this article they are being distributed everywhere. This is to meet the demands of human consumption concerning the things we need and used every day –from the food we eat to the clothes we wear, in fact everything that you have right now, the things you can find inside your house is a product of industrial chemicals. But seriously? Are informed enough about what it brings on the table regarding health issues? There have been reports disclosed everywhere about groups of fertility specialists that provoke silence against the number of environmental chemicals that people are exposed with harmful chemicals on a daily basis, and how these chemicals are destroying both male and female’s reproductive health.

    Human’s vulnerability to toxic chemicals is too high. These chemicals have already mixed up in the air, clogged in pipes with water, we breathe them off the air, and in the farmers’ fields they spoil healthy soil. From food and even household products. There are studies being made about the number of chemicals affecting individuals regardless of the age. If these chemicals get inside our system, it could result to behavioral disorders and hormonal imbalances. For years, consumers have been cautioned by the government and health advocates to be mindful when it comes chemicals content in the product we are using.. Cases had been reported about certain conditions and diseases developed associated with Industrial chemicals –breast cancer, autism and reproductive health problems are just few of the concerns.

    Reducing your exposure

    There are a number of things women can do to reduce their risk of exposure to mammary carcinogens, say the researchers, including:

    Limit exposure to fumes from gasoline, and to exhaust from diesel or other fuelcombustion, for example from vehicles or generators. Don’t idle your car. Use electric rather than gas powered lawn mowers, leaf blowers and weed whacker Use a ventilation fan when you cook and limit consumption of burned or charred food don’t buy furniture with polyurethane foam or ask for foam not treated with flame retardants. Avoid stain-resistant rugs, furniture and fabrics. Find a dry-cleaner who doesn’t use PERC or other solvents; ask for “wet cleaning. Purchase a solid carbon block drinking water filter. Reduce exposure to chemicals in house dust by removing shoes at the door, using a vacuum with a HEPA filter, and cleaning with wet rags and mops.

    If industrial chemicals are being point out to have caused dreadful conditions and illnesses, how hard can it be to resist them? We are in fact surrounded by them, we used them and take advantage of them. To avoid them would cause panic! This generation is too dependent on these chemicals. But in the name of wellness we can change our ways, we should deviate from harmful chemicals and invest more on the alternative one. The government should recall all agency to work hand I hand to save the future generation especially these issues have raised more concern on reproductive health.

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